Of Mist and clouds

Installation, Inter Arts Center Malmö, Sweden, Transistor 8, Festival for contemporary performing arts 2019.

A work for transmitted voices developed as part of the Make Sound Residency at the Inter Arts Center in Malmö in 2019. The works’ thematic focus is the figure of the rumor and the spatiality of oral transmission. Through the installation of speakers the work evokes a situation characterized by a particular tension between an imaginary and a physical space. The development of the work itself was designed as a process with a number of transmissions or translations. A key element in this process was a text written for the project by the Danish author Glenn Christian. Based on this text the work were developed as a sequence of transmissions and translations – between imagined architectural space and a literary text, between one text and another, between written text and spoken word, between a spoken word and its technical transmission into space via speakers.