Commissioned by Inter Arts Center, Malm÷ 2017
with Kristoffer Akselbo

Chorus is a process-based project that included elements of performance and installation. The project took its cue from a reflection on the statue as a phenomenon and explored an idea of the statue as a social and processual phenomenon determined by the individuals that relate to it. From this perspective a statue exists just as much by way of the narratives, rumors and myths that surround it as through its physical and material properties, whatever they might be.
Based on this idea the project investigated how a statue could be produced through a collective awareness of it as well as the nature of the processes whereby a collective awareness is produced.
The project presented different voices that were oriented toward the statue as a possibility. Among them was the voice of a chorus similar to the one found in the antique tragic drama where the chorus reflects upon the staged events. In an ongoing work at the Inter Arts Center the project aimed to develop an impersonal voice of a contemporary chorus and through that a possible statue.
A publication were presented that was as a kind of script for the events at the IAC. The project concluded with an event and a lecture. Throughout the project period one encountered elements of the work at the IAC.