Rune Søchting is an artist and composer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He wrote a ph.d. on sound as a relational phenomenon where he explored the “conditions for the audible” and its social and critical implications.
His artistic practice unfolds across various formats such as composition of sound, installations and performance. He has composed music for dance- and theatre-performances and video.
His works are often the result of a site- or context-specific research involving dialogues or collaborations that informs the chosen format or technology.
He has been occupied with how the experience of sound involves a certain tension between physical and imaginary space and how sound articulates thresholds, i.e. between an inside and an outside, between psychological and physical space, between visible and invisible etc. Through thematic figures such as rumors, he has worked with this relational dynamic in a social context and explored its political and critical implications. He has explored figures such as the ruin, the statue in order to reinterpret them within a processual or dynamic framework at the intersection of architecture and language.